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Sep 11th, 2013 Comments: 0

Can free software change your life? This is how it changed ours

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When we thought about the title for the workshop of the Journées du Patrimoine Des Startups that take place in Paris between 12 and 14 September we talked about the importance of free software for us and how really it has been a life changer in many levels.



There are many reasons we work with free software and why we have started a crowdfunding site for it. Each one of us has personal reasons for this, but there are some common factors that have changed our lives since we first knew free software. Here are some of them:

1.    Money and time saver: how many times have you fought against permissions, licenses and all kinds of obstacles that don’t let you use software in its full potential? Free software makes you confirm that it should be open and free as its name stands for. We’re not saying that free software is equal to no money, but to being up for everyone. Anyhow, it’s always a cheaper option than any other private software.

2.    If you know something, get into it: when we’re talking about development, of course there’s a big importance of the work you can do making the software better. But on Open Funding, we are not all a group of developers and that’s the great thing about free software. You can really contribute from what you know and this really finishes with the idea that free software it’s reserved to geeks. We found ourselves being useful for a good cause from different points of view, because it’s not only about doing the software but also making people aware of it and distribute it.

3.    Great entourage: have you ever been to a free software event? You may find that the people that work around free software can be the most open and sharing people you can ever meet. There’s a sense of sharing and working together that’s natural from this environment. And also, if you really don’t understand something they will try to help you. Maybe some of them can escape from explaining in a language that seems out of this world, but they’ll try their best. Since we first starting attending this kind of events our network has really increased and we have met great people to work with.



4.    Developers are good at what they do: when the idea of creating Open Funding came to life, we talked about how valuable developers work is and how sometimes it doesn’t get recognized as it should. There are many creative people with great projects and we think they deserve to get a fair recompense for the value of their work. Also when developing, it’s sure you’ll be near great creators who will challenge your competences

5.    Share, share, share: the spirit of free software exhales sharing and distributing. As we said before, you really can help from what you know and spreading the word out may be one of the best ways and literally anyone can do it. For example, there are many people in events who work as volunteers with a project they trust. With free software, the community is really everything and we confirm this every day with the projects we are co-funding.


There are many other positive reasons why free software has changed our lives, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about this week in our workshop with the heads of three different free software companies who will share their experience and tell us how it really has changed their lives. If you want to get inspired by their stories, join us!


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