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Oct 7th, 2013 Comments: 0

3d printing at the Makers of Barcelona

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It’s a basement below a street in the center of Barcelona. The space is called Makers of Barcelona, and the ground floor is a coworking space used by freelancers of all kinds you could imagine. But the basement looks like a workshop of a new kind, and is dedicated to the so-called makers.

IMG_20130927_193359This space is full of 3d printers, full or in parts, and all kind of weird objects made with them. A 3d printer is a simple machinery controlled by computer software that assembles materials in a defined shape. These machines can print any object you can imagine, either for an decorative purpose, to get a cheap prototype of some device you have in mind, or just useful pieces for your daily life. This field is very young, but evolving very quickly, and is full of promises for the future.

Amongst all these innovative initiatives, I met David down in the basement of the MOB. David is an Australian who has lived in Barcelona for several years. He uses 3d printers, and works on improving them with a new sliding system for the printing heads. This could result in 3d printer structures 5 to 10 times cheaper to make than the existing ones. He’s done a good job prototyping, and is starting a crowdfunding campaign to end up with a finished product.

IMG_20130927_193353This innovation could result in much more affordable 3d printers, and is part of wide movement of democratization of these devices. Imagine that you had close to you such a printer, and that you could just download any object you need in the materials you want, and just print it. Your consumer life would probably be much different. Well, we might be closer to that picture that you might think.

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