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Oct 18th, 2013 Comments: 0

Easy Code in Madrid

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Utopis US is a great coworking space in Madrid. There are lots of very cool projects and very interesting people. In the basement of space number 2, you can find one of them, Easy Code. Easy Code is a development company that makes code for the web, exploring new technologies to provide new usages.

IMG_0061One of their projects is a very nice try to use Kinect, the microsoft 3d gaming device, to offer stores a new way to interact with their customers. Their idea is to set up a screen in the store front window, and a Kinect to detect people moves. So once someone wants to interact with the screen, he’ll just have to move his arms or hands to get more information from that screen.IMG_0060

I had a chance to try their system. Although you can tell it is still in development, and that they need to interact more with stores to precisely define the use they can make of it, you can imagine very quickly the potential this system could have if you were in front of a store that might interest you. You don’t need to pass the door, or ask anything. You just pass by, you get the information you need, and you’re done! And who knows, maybe you will be able to order that pair of pants you specifically want and you’ll be able to try next week inside the store.

There are probably lots of new interactions that could arise from this kind of systems, exploring this new world between traditional and web stores. A lot of new possibilities come to life these days, and it’s passionating to see them growing right there, like in Madrid.



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