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Nov 7th, 2013 Comments: 0

C-base – A spaceship inside Berlin

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They say it’s a space station that crashed in Berlin two million years ago. Well I can’t prove them wrong!

You wouldn’t imagine that from the outside. Just a simple door in the street. But once you’ve crossed it, you’re inside a metal universe full of digital screens and beeping and blinking walls.

Photo by Henry Bergius


It’s the oldest hackerspace in Europe, and probably also in the world, more than 18 years old! It has more than 500 members, and they hack almost anything, from software to hardware, they make robots, 3D printing, wifi devices, and so many other stuffs.

Photo by MeTaVoLuT1oN and C-base

They meet there almost every evening, and they have a drink, play games, and talk. There are many events going on, mostly on geeky subjects.

It’s like a parallel universe that you do not enter so easily: when a non member enters the space, an ‘Alien alarm’ rings. So I don’t know what they talk about when they’re between members, and you won’t know unless you become a member!

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