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Jun 10th, 2014 Comments: 0

We’ve ditched MailChimp for Free Software PHPList, working on API

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PHPList LogoI’m proud to say that the move from proprietary Mail Chimp to Free Software PHPList has been completed. In addition, I’m going to be helping to improve and extend the PHPList public API to allow for closer integration into crowdfunding campaigns.

Good newsletter management software is critical for effective communication, both for crowdfunding platforms like Open Funding, and also crowdfunding campaign managers like Susan at Valentina (she’ll start funding on June 16th with a handful of other projects – stay tuned). Proprietary tools are very popular, with MailChimp in the lead. However PHPList is a competitive Free Software alternative, without the nasty license restrictions. Open Funding has taken advantage of their offer of free hosted accounts for other Free Software projects.

And I’ll take advantage of the additional freedom our new mailer offers by refreshing and extending its public API on the 14th and 15th of June, when I’ll be joined by Michiel Dethmers, PHPList CEO, and other developers for a weekend-long sprint. The Open Funding technical team are hoping to integrate PHPList commands directly into the Open Funding dashboard. The plan is to provide simple “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” buttons in an Open Funding release later this year. During the sprint we’ll be looking at more advanced function calls too, like adding and removing newsletters and their subscribers remotely.

So if you’re in Berlin, Manchester, or London at the weekend, and have some coding smarts to share, come by and say “hi”!

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