Article in Linux Essentiel of December

We were very pleased to read a 7 pages article in the December issue of Linux Essentiel, a French magazine about linux and free software.

The article actually discusses the difficulties with the current models of free software. It first studies the different possibilities that a developer has to work on a free software project: voluntary work, get paid by his company, sell his expertise…  Then it discusses the model of free software editor, with all the benefits a company can get by opening its software, and also the challenges it can represent. And then you have the free software projects supported by a group of companies. The article explains why it is interesting for companies to do it. Finally, it states that although donations really help developers, very few projects can actually live with them.

The second part of the article is about Open Funding, how it works, and why it is actually a solution to the free software economic problem. They actually do quite a good job in explaining how it works. Yes, I know, it’s their job. :)

This issue of the magazine also includes interesting other articles, including a quite comprehensive report on music and movies download & streaming, a presentation of the latest version of Ubuntu (13.10) and quite a few presentations and tutorials of software. So, no thinking, just run to your closest newsstand!

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Open Initiative European Tour!

We’re starting today a tour of Europe. We will meet great people, discover interesting projects, see beautiful cities, and check what Europe has to offer in terms of open source, crowdfunding, collaborative economy, do-it-yourself and other initiatives you wouldn’t even have thought of. We’ll keep you posted so that you discover all those passionating projects.

We’re starting today in Barcelona, and I’m already amazed by how many great projects there are here. We’ll present you some of them very soon, so stay tuned!

IMG_20130926_091951 IMG_20130926_091958

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Hello World!

Yes indeed!

We have great things happening in Open Initiative this week.

We have a new BLOG!!

This may be the most important one. It’s been a while since we wanted to open a blog and it’s finally happened!

This is place where we’ll tell you all about the new features, the updates of our company and our site. It’ll be a place to share with you directly what happens in the journey of the Open Initiative’s team.

So if you want to get to know the company, get in
touch and give us your feedback, this is the place.

New projects :

Awake SQL combines a virtual JDBC Driver and a framework to enable remote JDBC access over HTTP.

We are happy to announce too that we have a two new project in our site!

Awake SQL that combines a virtual JDBC Driver and a framework to enable remote JDBC access over HTTP. The first feature it’s to make the current version compatible with Appel iOS.

It's a fun free software game. in which you're a bear who has to find his kid who has been kidnapped

On the other hand, we’re also welcoming Plee the bear a video game in which you’re a bear who has to search the son, who has been kipnapped.
You can learn more about the project and help its funding in our site!We’re excited because we have many other projects coming, so stay tuned!kipnapped. A fun game that will upgrade the design.

New Presentation page

We’ve updated our Presentation page to answer all the questions that we usually get from users and developers. Go and check it out, and tell us what you think about it!

Other language feature

We work on the features on the site based on the feedback from developers who want to communicate to a certain community of users. That’s why we have added a new language feature, so now you can describe your project in French and in English. Great, right? We think it’s a perfect opportunity to have a wider audience to show what your project is about. So use it to spread the word about your project on Open Funding!

New look on the Open Initiative homepage!

We currently have two platforms working (Open Initiative Projects and Open Funding) and we make part of the organizers of the Flat Conference which had place a couple weeks ago in Mutinerie. So we wanted to show that in a simple way in our new homepage. This it’s how it looks now! What do you guys think?

Open Initiative Homepage - Free Software Services

That’s all we have for you in this very first post of our blog.

Remember to follow our pages in Facebook and Google+ and in our Twitter.


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